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Hand Food Mouth Disease by Christine

Recently, there is an outbreak of Hand Food Mouth Disease in Singapore. Parents are very worry about the children attending the child care, especially those child care centre with air-conditioned. Currently, my daugther is attending child care without air-conditioned which make me less worry about it. I personally feel that it's really make a different between air-conditioned room and without air-conditioned. Previously, my child was attending a child care centre with full air-con but she kept on fall sick. She always caught flu and cough, the worst thing is she pass it to her baby sister and the cycle become never end. I am glad that things have been improved since she change to the new child care now.

Back to the topic, what is Hand Food Mouth Disease? Actually it is like a common childhood illness like chicken pox or measles but what make we worry is there is no vaccination for HFMD. It is cause by intestinal viruses call Coxsackie virus and Enterovirus 71 (EV71). The symptoms of HFMD is mouth ulcers and rashes. It normally attack children below 5 years old although adult also can caught this disease.

Greater personal hygiene must be in practice and isolation helps to prevent spreading the HFMD to other people. Children are encouraged to wash their hand frequently.Parent are advised not to let the children go to child care if the child is feeling unwell.


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